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IT Support in London & Hertfordshire

Why IT Support London?

I am constantly asked why our website address is itsupportlondon.org.uk and not techsolvers.co.uk, and in fact there are many reasons why we decided to make the change. 
IT Support London
For a long time we did use techsolvers.co.uk, it helped us to showcase our company name, build our brand and start to rank well on Google. It's also the logical choice for customers to type in when they're trying to find us. But, it had its limitations and wasn't allowing us to rank particularly high on Google for some of our key services.

One of our main services at TechSolvers is IT Support, and in particular IT Support in London. However we knew this would be an extremely competitive key phrase to rank well on Google for, so we thought why not outsmart our competition and get our top key phrase in to our website address and give our SEO (search engine optimisation) campaign a boost. Ergo, itsupportlondon.org.uk was born!
We didn’t want to lose all the backlinks to TechSolvers though, so we put a 404 redirect on techsolvers.co.uk to itsupportlondon so that it directs through automatically. Doing this meant Google knew to keep the reputation of TechSolvers and apply that to the new domain name, therefore even further supporting our SEO campaign.

Google is extremely clever and is very careful and considerate with how it ranks websites for their chosen search terms, and it can be very hard to climb your way up. Essentially the more you can mention your key words and phrases,i.e. IT Support London, the more likely you are to rank highly. It even has an algorithm that can work out how well the text including the keyword or phrase is written to make sure that it is easily readable and makes sense - gone are the days of keyword stuffing! It's always much better to talk about your key words and services on specific page on your website, or on a blog post.

See what we've done here? By explaining why we have London in our domain name, we have further helped our SEO campaign to rank well (and beat our competitors) for that very key phrase.

Giving you helpful advice, whilst also helping our selves - way to go!

‚ÄčTom Mitchell