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IT Support London - Mark
Meet Mark

Mark Hartley

Senior Engineer
IT Support London - Billy
Meet Billy


IT Support London - Mahmoud
Meet Mahmoud

Mahmoud Ziada

IT Support London - Kamran
Meet Kamran

Kamran Mallik

IT Support Hertfordshire - Dylan
Meet Dylan

Dylan Fittock

Junior Engineer
IT Support Hertfordshire - Fergus
Meet Fergus

Fergus Martin

Junior Engineer
IT Support Hertfordshire - Jason
Meet Jason

Jason Benton

Senior Engineer/Consultant
IT Support Hertfordshire - Vikas
Meet Vikas


IT Support London - Ellen
Meet Ellen

Ellen Long

Office Manager
IT Support London - Freya
Meet Freya

Freya Aldridge

IT Apprentice
IT Support London - Charlie
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Charlie Haines

IT Apprentice
IT Support London - Donka
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Donka Andreeva

IT Support London - Gary
Meet Gary

Gary Goodson

Developer Consultant

Mark Hartley

Professional Background: Worked in IT for 7 years in public and private sector providing support from junior engineer level through to senior.

Education: University of Hertfordshire – Sports Science

Hobbies/Interests: Sports and Technology.

Why I like working at TechSolvers: An excellent well balanced team focused on customer service and fixing problems for our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Bye, Mark!

Billy Jeffs

Professional Background: Billy began his career in IT in 2009, completely self-taught he was appointed as IT Technician for a large school, and was soon taking on responsibilities for bulk installations, designing builds & implementing upgrades for the entire infrastructure all as a one man team. After a few years Billy decided that he wanted to move into the more corporate side of IT and gained his role at TechSolvers as Junior Support Engineer. Over the last 4 years Billy has grown within the company and is now a 2nd line engineer working on a huge variety of tasks and challenges.

Education: The Marlborough Science Academy

Hobbies/Interests: Billy enjoys a number of hobbies. He is an accomplished darts player, playing in multiple premiership leagues in the county. He is also involved with the UK Cube Association organising Rubik’s Cube competitions UK wide. Billy can solve a Rubik’s Cube in an average time of 14 seconds, though slightly longer when blindfolded. He is also the drummer of the progressive melodic metal band “NightMare World”, who were signed to the German label Pure Steel Records last year and released an album on CD and Vinyl which is currently being sold worldwide.

Why I like working at TechSolvers: Since starting with TechSolvers I’ve gained more experience and knowledge than I could ever have imagined. The team is very close and everyone is always willing to share skills and knowledge whenever there is a chance, which means that we all learn more and more every day.

Bye, Billy!

Mahmoud Ziada

Professional Background: Mahmoud was born in Egypt, and started his IT career in the shipping industry, before leaving to manage the network for a large International/American School. It was here that he was also able to practice his English. He moved to the UK to get married and to further his IT career. His first role in the UK was with TechSolvers, were he has progressed from a Junior Engineer, and is now a core part of the 2nd line support team.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the Tanta University in Egypt.

Hobbies/Interests: Mahmoud is a keen football player and supporter of Barcelona, though he has yet to visit Camp Nou, it’s on a list of places he wants to go. He has also recently started flying Quad Copter Drones, and so far has managed to avoid getting into trouble with the local air traffic control at Luton.

Why I like working at TechSolvers: I very much enjoy working at TechSolvers. The team here are dynamic and friendly, and the management ethos of working together has helped me to develop my skills. At TechSolvers we are encouraged to support a wide range of IT systems, due to this no one individual can know it all, but as a team, we thrive and work together and I feel valued day to day.

Bye, Mahmoud!

Kamran Mallik

Professional Background: Kamran has worked in IT industry for 10 years staring as Junior 1st line engineer at Pipex Internet. Over the years, his career has progressed within large sector organisations including roles such as Technical Engineer, Project Manager and a Senior IT analyst. Currently Kamran is aiming to complete additional Microsoft, and then Cisco qualifications.

Education: University of Hertfordshire – Computer Science.

Hobbies/Interests: Martial Arts (Kung-Fu), Motorsports, Cars, Reading

Why I like working at TechSolvers: Friendly, family environment and a company which also helps and supports the development of staff to ensure the best level of service can be provided to our clients.

Bye, Kamran!

Dylan Fittock

Professional Background: Dylan started at TechSolvers on the community apprentice scheme in 2014, and on completion he was promoted into the role of Junior Engineer. During this time Dylan has passed four Microsoft Technology Associate exams & gained a level 3 diploma in ICT. He is a hard working young man, with a diligent attitude towards work. While his technical skills are still being polished, his understanding of the TechSolvers values is impeccable, and he provides first class support and service to our clients.

Education: Sixth Form – A Levels in English, Maths, ICT & Science

Hobbies/Interests: Before starting at TechSolvers Dylan was a professional Parkour athlete, and he used to record and edit video for his own YouTube channel which gathered over a million views. After breaking more bones than he knew he had, he realised it was time to retire at the age 18, and focus on his 2nd love, IT. Outside of work he has been learning the secrets of stock trading, and his portfolio focuses specifically on the oil & gold markets!

Why I like working at TechSolvers: I enjoy working at TechSolvers because our team is almost like a family. Whenever I need help with any issue the more experienced engineers are always willing to help guide me to a successful resolution. I feel lucky to have been given a role at TechSolvers, as I can say with honestly, that there is nowhere else I would prefer to work.

Bye, Dylan!

Fergus Martin

Professional Background: Fergus joined TechSolvers in May 2015 on the community apprentice scheme, and on completion he was promoted into the role of Junior Engineer working as part of our first line team.

Education: Sixth Form – A Levels in Maths, Physics, Chemistry

Hobbies/Interests: In his spare time Fergus enjoys Skateboarding, Rugby and spending time widening his technical skills. This ranges from learning different coding languages to building PCs and other devices, as well as playing video games.

Why I like working at TechSolvers: I enjoy working for TechSolvers because it has given me a chance to develop my Customer Service and Technical skills, while also furthering my onsite experience and allowing me to take the first steps into my IT career. I feel as though the apprenticeship program has given me a wide opportunity to strengthen my knowledge and build a career.

Bye, Fergus!

Jason Benton

Professional Background: Jason is a Senior Windows Server Engineer and Architect, with experience in various sectors including NHS Trusts, Retail and Various MS Solution Providers. Jason has extensive experience in the design and scripting of automated workstation and server builds, in fact over 200,000 desktops, and over 1000 servers in the UK have been installed utilising the automation he created. He is also a highly experience Exchange administrator. It is Jason’s attitude that makes him stand out from his peers, no matter what the issue is, when other engineers may look confused and wonder where to turn Jason’s ability to think out of the box, and stay calm mean that even if a disaster hits, he is able to navigate the client through all issues and restore services.

Hobbies/Interests: Mountain biking, Tree Surgery, kayaking (he used to represent team GB, and nearly made it to the Olympics!) and anything that keeps him in the great outdoors – away from a computer!

Bye, Jason!

Vikas Nair

Professional Background: Vikas met both Tom and Phil while they all worked for Tesco plc. Since then he has worked for various companies including Microsoft, where he was responsible for supporting Office 365 & Windows Azure platforms. Vikas has over 12 years of experience in both senior technical support and project roles, plus leadership and team building. He has a proven track record for defining, building and optimising best-in-class IT infrastructure and operations. With experience defining enterprise technology strategies that reduce costs, improve efficiencies, support organisational goals and maximise the technology investment.

His primary role at TechSolvers is in the ongoing monitoring of the systems we implement. By having an engineer of his experience and calibre working in a dedicated non client facing role, he is able to focus on making sure that all services are running, all the time. He also plays a significant role, working with Phil, to keep abreast of the changing IT landscape and advising TechSolvers of new products and developments.

Education: Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Telecommunication)

Hobbies/Interests: Trekking, Camping

Why I like working at TechSolvers: Working for TechSolvers provides me an opportunity to work with latest technologies.

Bye, Vikas!

Ellen Long

Professional Background: Ellen has previously worked in various roles including a beauty salon and gym. At both she performed dual roles which included managing the day to day office functions.

Education: Level 2 Gym Instructor

Hobbies/Interests: Spending time with family & friends, reading, watching movies plus quite a lot of Lego.

Why I like working at TechSolvers: TechSolvers is a warm and friendly place to work where you are encouraged to be yourself in order to excel in your role.

Bye, Ellen!

Freya Aldridge

Professional Background: I left school after completing Year 11 and joined TechSolvers as an IT Apprentice.

Education: 9 GCSEs, all A-C’s

Hobbies/Interests: I love to go swimming at least once a week, it’s definitely my favourite sport. My biggest interest is cooking. I enjoy cooking for my family and I'm always trying out new things. I'm always improving on my ideas as well.

Why I like working at TechSolvers: I really like working at TechSolvers as I get to learn new things every day. The team are so nice and easy to get along with. They're all down to earth people and I love working with them. They are always helping me when I need it, and making sure I progress as much as I can in the career I have chosen.

Bye, Freya!

Charlie Haines

Professional Background: Before starting the apprenticeship Charlie had no formal training in IT, but was self-taught to fix basic software and hardware problems. Although new and inexperienced, he has enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge, as well as being the best tea maker in the Office.

Education: 5 GCSE's, Btec Business level 2

Hobbies/Interests: In his free time Charlie paints and plays wargames with miniatures, he is an active paintball player, and has recently taken up archery.

Why I like working at TechSolvers: Coming to work at TechSolvers is like going to see your friends. Everyone is friendly and enjoys the work, and are always willing to lend a hand if you need one. It’s a relaxed atmosphere which helps make even the most stressful of days a breeze! What I enjoy most about working for TechSolvers is that I learn something new every day, whether it’s a new shortcut or program, there is plenty to keep you engaged.

Bye, Charlie!

The ethos of providing a quality service with a personal touch is adhered to by our people and this has helped the company build long lasting relationships with its portfolio of clients, through the completion of successful projects and delivering better than expected outcomes for managed services.