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Take the office, out of the office

As a business owner imagine a world where you can work from any location at the drop of a hat. Files are traditionally stuck at the office or on your computer at home, but the flexibility of the cloud has opened up a world of business opportunities, packaged perfectly as Office 365.
During the summer holidays most business owners are reluctant to be cut off from their business but with office 365 this means you have the freedom to work from any location and yet still remain in contact with co-workers, due to Hosted Exchange Email and cloud hosted document libraries in SharePoint. Any destination becomes the office, whether it’s a tropical location or simply an annual holiday trip to your favourite spot in Cornwell.
Now people who work from coffee shops, hotels, airports and trains can still stay connected. Remote workers such as frequent travellers, freelancers or contractors with clients in multiple locations can communicate more efficiently.
The cloud has revolutionised how we work and remote working is no longer simply classified as ‘working from home.’ With the help of Office 365, remote workers are now frequent travellers, sharing and syncing documents from any location, no matter where or when they are working.
Office 365 was developed to meet the demand of remote working, enabling teams and customers to connect and be managed efficiently. Make no mistake, remote workers are still working and can be even more productive out of the office.
Whilst working remotely, you can catch up with team calendars and see when colleagues are online. Collaborating is made even easier with instant message or face-to-face with video conferencing. Teams are even able to work on the same document together in real-time.
Office 365 comes with all apps that we know; you've got Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and the rest of the Office favourites, all connected by cloud driven features like co-authoring and video conferencing, automatic updates and uptime guarantee.
And best of all employees and business owners are gaining flexibility and work-life balance. Companies are seeing spikes in productivity and creativity. And everyone seems to be benefiting.

Why have I written this? Well the fact I can say it’s true after just returning from my own holiday on the Costa Brava could be a clue. ;)
Tom Mitchell

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