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Revisiting How it All Began

There were many reasons that Tom and I decided to found TechSolvers together, but probably the main one was that we wanted to engage with the customers more. From our experience we had found that a lot of IT companies used faceless engineers in data centres, or architects stuck behind a desk, who rarely got to connect with their customers. This was not what we wanted to be, and not what we thought the customers deserved.
From the get go we made sure that customer service was at the core of TechSolvers, and have worked very hard to make sure that every team member is trained to liaise with our customers, and offer the personal service that Tom and I are so passionate about. 

At TechSolvers we believe in exceeding our client’s expectations of IT service providers, working alongside our partners by providing a quality service and expertise at best value, that our competitors find increasingly difficult to match.

This ethos and business plan has worked extremely well for us, and we couldn't be more proud of how TechSolvers has grown and developed over the years. 

However, Tom and I were talking about just this the other day, and realised that as we have grown we have moved away from that core aim. As business owners our time is used in many ways, but that doesn’t really include being on at the sharp end, taking customer support calls. Yet, it's taking those initial calls (as well as the 3rd line ones) that lets us truly understand when our customers are happy, and when they are maybe not so. By taking these calls we could identify areas in which we're excelling and where perhaps we could do with improving - making our business better all round!
So, it’s time to go back to the floor, and work from the ground up how we can better improve our customer service at every level of the company. 
Over the next few weeks Tom and I will be spending time, working as both 1st line and 2nd line engineers.
During this time we hope to gain;
  1. By assisting the team on how they could better do their jobs. We started by doing these roles so we can lead & teach by example.
  2. By getting more involved we hope to learn and understand any issues our teams may have with their roles, and look at ways of fixing them.
  3. By getting to speak direct to customers, and to people that we may not normally speak to, we'll be able to gain a better understanding of our customer's needs and requirements. 
In the long-term we hope that by doing this will allow us to react better to the customers’ requests, and build lasting relationships with key staff members across all of our clients organisations.
Being on the phone ourselves will allow us to directly ask the questions like 'are you happy with our service, is there anything we have done where you think we can improve?'. Because it's conversations like this that make our clients realise that we really do care about their experience of using TechSolvers, it starts a conversation, and allows us as a company to better support our client’s needs.
Plus Tom and I get to go back to what we love, talking to clients and fixing their issues, after all that's how we both started in IT in the first place.

So if you're a current or prospective client, we very much hope that we get to speak to you in person!

Phil Long