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London IT Support Adventures
When I started my career in IT as a Jnr Engineer working for Anglo American in their office at Carlton House Terrace in London, I must admit I never would have expected to end up as the joint owner and director of TechSolvers. I thought at the time that my focus would always be 100% technical. However now 20 years later, while I still love getting my hands dirty with a tricky support issue, or planning a project, I find I very much enjoy all of the other “non techie” challenges and opportunities that TechSolvers has given me.
If I look back now, as well as the highs of fixing those tricky technical issues, some of the best days have been when I have been given the opportunity to do things I would otherwise not have done.
Setting up new offices in Bangalore, India was one experience I’ll never forget. Thankfully not for the deli belly, but for the culture and the people I got to meet and work with. Experiences that would stand me in good stead for later when working closely with off shore colleagues.
Visiting the Houses of Parliament in Central London was another. Well when I say visiting, I mean a private tour with a member of the house of Lords, who wanted me to assist with translating the words of their own IT Department into a “non techie” language that she would understand. Entering Parliament itself through the Peers Lobby was a great experience. The tour, followed by a cup of tea in the Peers Bar pretty much made the rest of the day a London day out that I won’t forget in a while.

UK Parliament
House of Parliament - Westminster, London
I also got to head to Kensington, to visit the High Commission of the Republic of Zambia. I won’t bore my readers with exactly why I was there, but it was one of the days in which I realized that being a director was giving me experiences that as a techie I could never have expected.
I’ve seen some good London views too, and I don’t just mean the London Eye, as impressive as that is. The view from the top of One Canada Square in Canary Wharf is quite amazing. The only problem that day was having to deal with vertigo while sitting in a glass walled meeting room!

Canary Wharf
One Canada Square - Canary Wharf, London
As well as that high-altitude experience, I’ve also been lucky enough to view the subterranean diamond vaults and art galleries at 17 Charterhouse Street, London EC1N 6RA, under armed guard I have to add! So I guess I can say that IT has lead me to both high and lows.
Of course there have been many less exciting days, but when I look back the above experiences do stand out and I look forward to more unexpected days out in London.

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Written by Tom Mitchell, Managing Director