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Want to start saving money on your printer costs?

All business are continually trying to find new ways of saving money. Some sacrifice the quality of a product or service to ensure that their companies are improving their margins, whilst others would look to staff or equipment cuts. Yet we have found a money saver that we can assure provides the same quality, but at a much cheaper rate. How is this done you ask? By changing your printing methods!

Recently we were made aware of a company who were paying out over £700 per month on consumables for their printer. However they were quickly able to reduce that to just £100 per month, simply by outsourcing and using alternative devices! Once they had looked over their finances for the first quarter they realised that they are now saving over 85% on their monthly outgoings! - Amazing right?!

With this cost per page managed service, you are not only saving huge amounts of money each month but support issues are easier to resolve too. You are provided with continual free support, making it much easier if any problem were to arise. 

Not only this, but you no longer have to order the consumables for the printer. The support provider will order it in for you when supplies are running low, leaving you more time do all of the important stuff whilst at work. Less stress and less money, it really is a win win solution for your printing needs.

Still skeptical? Well, many companies don’t believe that they’re paying a cost per print with their printer, when in actual fact they are. If a black toner cartridge costs you £ 100 and you get 5,000 prints from it then it’s costing 2p per print. In general the  higher the average toner content of a print the higher the cost to print is.

View the graphic below to see the breakdown of prices.

By using a cost per page managed service your company will only be paying for the paper you are using, rather than the further costs that come along with owning your own printer. Not only this, but your support and maintenance is looked after by your provider, making it a time and cost effective method, and elevating plenty of unwanted stress!

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