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OpenDNS Interview

Ok well we know this is a bit old, but this is one of a few entries from our old website that we wanted to take across to our shiny new site;

OpenDNS is a company that we here at TechSolvers love. Their service is an important layer in our clients’ defense against the harmful side of the internet.

Why do we love it? It’s simple to use, quick to setup, doesn't make protected machines slow down, but most of all helps us to reduce issues at our client sites.
OpenDNS Interview
How? There are many pages on the internet that would explain how OpenDNS works, but as a simple answer it blocks users from being able to access the web pages we don't want them to access. Sites that spread malware, sites that try to steal your personal details & sites that control botnets. It can also block just about any web site you want, based on what you want your users to access.

Internet Security is made easier by preventing infections, OpenDNS does just that.

As you can probably tell it's very different than anti-virus software. That deals with infections after they get onto your network and anti-virus applications slow your PC down. OpenDNS stops them before they get in, and doesn't slow your PC down.

Anyway the reason for this blog post is that our Managing Director, Tom, was interviewed by Erin from OpenDNS, and we thought it would be good to share that interview here. If you would like to read it just click the link;