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Multi-Talented Team

Did you know our staff are not only IT experts, but also have expertise in many other fields, hobbies, industries and interests? Take one of our engineers Mahmoud for example, he flies Quadcopter Drones, or one of our Junior Engineers, Dylan, who used to be a professional Parkour athlete, or our Senior Engineer, Jason, who used to represent Team GB in Kayaking! It’s amazing to have such a mix of talents and skills across the workforce and here at TechSolvers we really embrace any out-of-the-box thinking or contributions from the team.

We’d like in particular to highlight the efforts that our engineer, Billy, recently put in to designing our new staff t-shirts and to help improve our office productivity with a new dashboard. We cannot thank him enough and are thrilled to have someone so multi-talented within our team.

Over the last year we have put a lot of time and effort into improving our branding and website, so quickly found ourselves in need of new uniforms to reflect this. Billy was very quick to offer his services, as he previously had a lot of experience designing and producing clothing for events he organises outside of work, and we were very quick to accept. Having Billy design them would obviously save us from having to outsource the work but would also enable us to have someone who knew the company well to design something we knew we would love.

When speaking about his design process Billy said “I chose a simple design for the new TechSolvers polo shirts, using the new wording and altering the logo colours slightly so that it popped nicely on a black background. I also found a nice polo shirt from my supplier which had the orange accents that complimented the logo really well”.

He also added that “It’s much nicer for the staff to have something comfortable to wear not only to the office, but especially when going out to client sites. A nice branded uniform always looks far more professional to the customer”. We couldn’t be more pleased with the new uniforms, they really help to accentuate our new branding and look very professional.


Billy’s talents don’t stop at design though; he is also an esteemed problem solver and developer. At TechSolvers we always aim to be as responsive and reactive to any client issues that may arise, but Billy was able to devise a system that would help us to constantly be a step ahead. When asked about his new solution he said “the Dashboard that I’ve built stemmed from an initial thought that it would be much nicer to be able to call a client as soon as their internet goes down, rather than waiting for them to call us to enquire about it. I devised a plan to put together a system that was simple yet effective, and that I would be able to achieve with my skill set. It was relatively easy to create a nice display which listed all of our clients and their current internet status, with an alarm that sounded every time our connection with the client was lost”.

Everyone quickly found the new dashboard a lifesaver, not only our staff who found it saved them time, but also our customers who were amazed how fast we were able to react to their problems. With the dashboard now in place, more possibilities were suggested. Billy then implemented a similar system which is able to monitor ~60 chain stores nationwide for one of our larger clients, without taking up too much room on the dashboard or impacting the system too much.

A few of the team here then asked if it would be possible to have an element of the dashboard monitor our phone system, to display who is currently on a call and who is available. This would help us save time performing attended transfers to see if someone is available or not, which in turn would reduce the amount of time our customers are kept on hold. Speaking about this new feature Billy said “There are many expensive dashboard solutions that you can buy to tie in with IP phone systems, but I was able to achieve it myself by using some very simple PHP code, and in turn helped to save the company some money”.

The dashboard has quickly become a vital part of TechSolvers and greatly helps us to stay a step ahead of competitors and offer a high quality service. There’s always a bit of room on the dashboard for something fun though, most recently it featured a countdown to the next Star Wars film. Which we see as vital information to have when you work in an office full of sci-fi fans! 

Big thanks to Billy, for all your support and innovative thinking.