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Why London Colney?

Whenever we get asked were our office is the response is London Colney, but often that’s not what people actually hear. Many people seem to switch off after the word “London”, leading occasionally to clients being confused. Then when we explain that London Colney is in Hertfordshire, near St Albans and Watford, they ask why and how we service our clients that are in London?
It’s simple really, pick up a map and you can see why we are based out in the sticks. 
London Colney IT Support
Based where we are we have easy access to both the M25 and the M1, combine that with very fast (15 mins) train services from both St Albans and Watford mainline stations to London, and it turns out London Colney really is the place to be. It’s this location that gives us the coverage we need. We can provide IT support to clients in Hertfordshire, we can, within an hour, get to sites in Milton Keynes, or go south of the M25, to locations like Weybridge, & via the train IT Support can be provided to clients in both central and North London.
So that why we picked London Colney, it puts us in a location that allows us to provide our IT Support services across Hertfordshire & London. 
Combine that with the fact we are able to resolve well over 90% of faults remotely, and you can hopefully see why London Colney, Hertfordshire makes sense.
Oh, and did I mention the cost of office space in central London vs Hertfordshire..
Plus we get views like this..

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