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An IT Support company that's quick to answer?!

It recently dawned on me that within business hours, I’ve never heard our office phones ring for more than around 30 seconds! We do have a call queuing system in place, but I’m pretty confident that nobody has ever been higher than position 2 due to how promptly our engineers answer our phones.
I’d say that a lot of helpdesks out there will be taking advantage of their queuing systems and may not even have audible ringtones, relying on only the lights on their switchboard to know when there are people waiting. This is the kind of thing that leads to very long call waiting times and of course the frustration that comes with it!
This has never been how TechSolvers have worked. Our phones are all set at maximum volume, which also helps as answering the phone stops the racket! Even if our agents are all busy, your call will still be answered swiftly so that you can let us know what you need, even if it means we give you a call back in a few minutes.