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Phil and I started TechSolvers 8 years ago. Two engineers determined to create the company we wanted to work for, to do the work we wanted to do, and to provide our customers world class customer service.
It's been a journey, and an adventure and as individuals we have grown and learnt from the new roles we have taken. Each year has seen developments, whether it's been learning to run a company by the management accounts (rather than only judging success by happy clients), or when we realised that as much as we hate it, sales is a critical part of any business that can’t be ignored. Not to mention having to learn HR laws and regulations. What can we say, a steep learning curve at times.
But it's days like today that make it all worth it. Being primarily a Microsoft house our partner status with MS has always been important, however we always thought for a business the size of ours to gain Gold Partner status would be just out of our reach. However now with our full team, trained & certified, and our cloud business consistently growing the jump from Silver to Gold almost happened over night. To be honest without us even realising we had met the requirements.
What does it mean to us as a business;
  • The recognition from Microsoft of all our hard work.
  • Better support from Microsoft for us, premium MS Support access that we can use for our clients.
  • The ability to show our existing and prospective clients, that we are focused and delivering.
  • A shiny new logo to add to our web site & social media
  • An invigorated support team, thriving on knowing they are doing a great job and being recognized for it. 

But what does it mean to Phil and I, personally. It means 8 years ago we made the right call, we could be more than just 2 engineers. We could provide service, successfully complete projects, manage a company, employ staff and watch them grown and implement our apprenticeship scheme to help youngsters get into the career we love. Most importantly though we come to work each day with a smile on our faces knowing we love the challenges and opportunities ahead.
We never would have expected to have done so well considering how much we had to learn.
I guess all that’s left to say is;
We’ve got the power to know  
You're not unsupportable
Always believe in TechSolvers, because they are