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Cloud Secure - Managed Desktops

TechSolvers have a huge amount of enterprise level experience in the creation of desktop and laptop gold images.

We realised this experience, combined with the products we use day to day to manage our existing client desktop estates, can be combined / integrated to provide a Cloud Managed Secure Desktop environment.

This service is really designed for larger companies with their own IT teams who wish to outsource the following;
Cloud Secure - Managed Desktops
By procuring this service a customer can easily budget to have a maintained single gold OS image, which is safe and secure to use.

Having a gold image allows support tickets to be solved faster by internal support teams, as a rebuild can be used as a quick fix. It’s even possible to have your gold image support remote unattended rebuilds.

Any new application deployments can be packaged into our system, and then pushed to client devices, eliminating the need for expensive onsite support, for what we consider as routine installations.

This service is very much tailored to the individual client.  This is one area we have such great experience, we are confident that you will not find a better way of managing your client devices.