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Apple and Office 365 Email Mash-up
Sometimes we get asked questions by our clients that make us scratch our heads and think outside the box.

Just recently we were asked by a client how they could move an email from the inbox of their own mailbox, to a sub folder in a different mailbox. Of course, this would be easy using the full Outlook application, however this client wanted to be able to do this from an iOS device.

The iOS Mail application has the functionality for this, so you would think it would be simple. However, it turns out that if your mailboxes are on Exchange (including Office 365) then simple it is not.

The problem is this: In the iOS Mail app you can select an email, click move, and then you should be able to select another mail account (one already setup in iOS Mail) and drill down into the destination sub folders.

The easiest way to show this is with a screen shot.

In the below example, I have selected an email in the TechSolvers account and clicked to move this email (into a subfolder of the “Harry Exchange” account). I then clicked the option to select what account to move it into, and “Harry Exchange” is greyed out!

When it comes down to it, the fact is that the iOS Mail application can do what we want, but only if the mailboxes are IMAP, and not Exchange.

You would think maybe that putting the Outlook mail client on the iOS device would help. Unfortunately not, as the iOS Outlook application does not have the functionality to move emails either!

So, if it’s not possible, that means that one of our clients must travel with a laptop just to do this one function. We didn’t want that to be the case, so we scratched our heads some more.

While Microsoft and Apple seem to say that what we want to achieve is not possible, just by understanding that the limitation is due to the Exchange protocol being used, and not IMAP, a solution presents itself.

Exchange accounts can also be accessed via IMAP, and with this in the forefront of our minds, the solution became simple.

We created an IMAP connection to the mailbox in the iOS Mail application. In the screen shot below, the account “IMAP” goes to the exact same place as “Harry Exchange”, the difference being that we can now move emails from the TechSolvers Exchange account into the IMAP account.

So, all we needed to do for our client was set up an IMAP connection to one of his mailboxes, following some instructions that we found here;


This means that he can now travel with just an iPad (no laptop), and still work in the way that he likes.


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Written by Tom Mitchell, Managing Director