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Network racks can be a disaster... Just look at this one!!  



But what is the real problem a mess like this creates;


1.  If you need to patch in a new network point, or simply move a device, you need to find one specific cable. If the rack is a mess a simple job could take you hours.

2. If there is a network issue, then it’s almost impossible to understand what connects to what, until after you clean up the mess.

3. If you are not on site, but need to talk someone though what should be a simple patching change or device restart…. Well you can’t!
4. Network devices, servers and anything else in the rack can’t be seen. Meaning you miss seeing the flashing red light telling you a disk is failing…

5. Let’s just be honest, it’s also an eye sore, an embarrassment!


So now you know all that, take a look at the below, some of TechSolvers own before and after pictures.


If your rack or server room is looking like it needs to be tidied up please get in touch as we need more photos for our gallery 😉 plus we would love to discuss how we can fix it, and stop it happening again!