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Merry Christmas or should we say Feliz Navidad!

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Action Medical Research for Children

We just want to wish good luck to our friends the Barking Badgers and Tesco Telecoms.Action Medical Research for Children Logo

This year they are undertaking their 10th tour and it's going to be their biggest challenge yet!

The Badgers and Tesco are taking on the highest roads in Austria and the highest point ever for the group - the Grossglockner. With lung busting ascents and thigh-burning distances, they will be pushing themselves to the limit all to improve the quality of life for thousands of sick and vulnerable babies and children.

TechSolvers are proud to be sponsoring their challenge, and at the end of the day all money raised goes to Action Medical Research for Children.

The Downside of SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) products come with many benefits;

  • Not having to own your own infrastructure.
  • The ability to scale up and down the number of users as needed.
  • Lower costs.
  • The provider deals with both backup and business continuity issues. 

Here at Techsolvers we use a number of SaaS products; our systems management tool (Kaseya), Office 365, web backup, and even our VOIP phone system, all are hosted externally and paid for monthly.

So what's the potential problem with this approach? Well in short it's one of the benefits already listed;

You don't own the service.


tshirtsAs every business owner will probably tell you branding is important. Lots of reasons for that, but maybe the main reason is a good brand helps to identify you above your competition and helps to make people aware that your company is out there, providing the services that you do.

At TechSolvers we also want our clients to easily be able to spot an engineer when they are on site, and to be honest we wanted to find a way of looking professional and smart without wearing a suit. (Try crawling under desks and patching cables when wearing a suit, it doesn't do it any good).

So we asked our friends to design us a company t-shirt and car branding. The results we think are excellent and certainly help to make sure we get noticed.

In case you haven't seen us out and about in the car, click Read More to have a look;

OpenDNS Interview

opendns-msp-150OpenDNS is a company that we here at TechSolvers love. Their service is an important layer in our clients defence against the harmful side of the internet.

Why do we love it? Its simple to use, quick to setup, doesn't make protected machines slow down & most of all helps us to reduce issues at our client sites.

How? There are many pages on the internet that would explain how OpenDNS works, but as a simple answer it blocks users from being able to access the web pages we don't want them to access. Sites that spread malware, sites that try to steal your personal details & sites that control botnets. It can also block just about any web site you want, based on what you want your users to access. 

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What Our Clients Say

Trinity International LLP

“We couldn't be any happier with your service!”

Simon Norris, Managing Partner

"The Force is strong within TechSolvers, use it Wisely"

Andrew Gray

"Techsolvers were recommended to us towards the end of 2010 when the contract with our previous IT managed service provider was due for renewal. Having been unhappy with the impersonal touch of a large company, Techsolvers were a breath of fresh air - it really is like having our own IT department! They're proactive and spot problems before we've even noticed. They've also been hugely helpful and efficient during our recent office move. Can't recommend the guys highly enough - their technical knowledge and capabilities really are second to none."

Sarah Lewis, Office Manager


Project Management Essentials

No matter where we go in this business, we all cannot get away from managing Projects!

Whether it is a HaaS upgrade, new client onboarding, or integrating an existing client with an outsourced help desk provider – anything that takes longer than a day must be considered a project so to ensure client satisfaction is maintained and expectations are exceeded!


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